Honey Pork Jerky


Infused with the sweet, sweet flavour of honey, our Honey Pork Jerky is one of the healthiest ways to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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As versatile and delicious as finely shredded and teased pork floss is, there is nothing that can take the place of some good old-fashioned strips of beef jerky. While not ideal for cooking or incorporating into other dishes, jerky remains the best preferred and most popular way to enjoy dried meat. Feeding on the high content of iron, zinc, and protein, our pork jerky will boost your immune system, help you to heal faster, and provide you with quick and clean energy. We pride ourselves in taking the best, locally raised Australian pork and putting it to good use. The result is a healthy, convenient, and mouth-watering snack that can go wherever you go. Take it from us and our countless satisfied customers: no one has ever regretted taking a bite of our sliced, seasoned, and dried to perfection jerky.


45g, 100g, 1kg, 3kg


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