Our delicious Pork Jerky and Pork Floss is made from Australian Pork and is the perfect quick and healthy snack



Australian Pork Jerky and Floss

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    Supporting Local Farmers

    Looking for a way to enjoy great snacks while supporting our local farmers? With Aussie Pork Suppliers products, you can do just that! Made with all Australian pork, you can be sure that our tasty treats are not only top quality but are also supporting Australian farmers with every purchase. We specialise in making mouth-watering pork jerky and pork floss for your culinary enjoyment.

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    Pork Floss or Go Traditional

    Our jerky is made from lean meat, trimmed of fat, and cut into delicious strips that are then put through a special seasoning and drying process to extend the shelf life and fend off spoilage. Pork floss is then made by finely teasing and shredding our world class pork jerky to create a light and fluffy pork product. Also, commonly referred to as Rousong, pork floss is great for either cooking in your favourite recipes or enjoying as a high protein snack.

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    Healthy and Lean Snack

    Beside the fact that they taste amazing, our pork products are a healthy and lean snack that can be enjoyed by all. Since they are high in protein and have no added chemicals, our pork products are a clear choice when you need a snack that tastes incredible and doesn’t leave you feeling guilty later! In addition, the air-dried creation process provides our products with an impressive shelf life that makes them perfect for any occasion.

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    Snack on the Go

    Enjoy them at home or bring them along on all your outdoor excursions. They are also a natural addition to picnics and BBQ’s, effortlessly complimenting the traditional food selections. Since their existence, dried pork products have been a favourite for all these reasons and more. Here at Aussie Pork Suppliers, we work hard every day to forward this tradition through our premium pork jerky and floss.



Made To Perfection

Exclusively Aussie

Made of selected pork cuts exclusively from Australian farms, preserved and dried under strict quality control.

Carefully Crafted

We take the best natural ingredients and carefully craft signature tender, tasty, richly-flavoured pork jerky that truly satisfy.

Perfect for Leisure

Our packaging is resealable making it a perfect addition to your hiking, biking, camping or as an after gym protein refuel.

No Guilt Feelings

Each bite is low in fat, a good source of condensed protein and does not contain artificial ingredients. Just right for the health conscious.

Everyone Loves Pork Jerky

"Great products. Loved using them while cooking. Awesome family company."

- Bronnie Durston

"The pork jerky with honey is delicious and the floss has me dreaming of ways to use it. Great to meet your team at Kingaroy BaconFest!"

- Anna Salazar


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