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  • In the Pork industry for over 50 years

    Now with more than 50 years in the pork industry, Aussie Pork Suppliers is dedicated to the same timeless goals. We have developed a line of favourites including our sweet and savory Honey Pork Jerky and three varieties of premium pork floss. We strive everyday to provide you with top quality pork products that come from the best local Australian farmers. 

  • Supporting local Australian farmers

    In pursuit of our goals, we recognised a need for locally produced pork jerky products, and a legacy was born. We are committed to supplying our customers with the best pork jerky and floss, while supporting local farmers who are vital to our operation.

  • Provides export services for pigs to Singapore and Japan from Australia

    Driven by our passion, we eventually expanded from being the supply chain used by those farmers to send pigs to processors, to also provide export services for pigs from Australian farmers to both Singapore and Japan. Our aim is to provide our local farmers with the best possible deals from all of their processors.

Gourmet Taste

All premium cuts are marinated in a unique blend of natural ingredients, making our varieties the best Pork Jerky in town.

A Healthy Add-on

More and more people are adding pork jerky on their recipes giving them tastier and and healthier food!

Take Your Pick

Choose from our varieties - Honey Pork Jerky, Crispy Fork With Roasted Sesame & Seaweed, Pork Floss Original and Crispy Pork Floss.


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    8 King Street

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