Pork Floss Original


Our Original Pork Floss takes that classic jerky taste and transforms into the soft and succulent pork floss that is a favourite in kitchens across the world. This finely shredded, gently teased, melt in your mouth pork is great for cooking in a variety of recipes.

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The concept of dried meat, commonly referred to as jerky, dates back hundreds of years. The word jerky itself originated as early as 1550 from the Incan word “ch’arki,” which literally translated means “to burn meat.” Made entirely from locally raised Australian pork, you can feel the satisfaction of a tasty treat that supports your fellow Australians. Not a culinary genius? No worries! Pork floss is a versatile product that is just as delicious right out of the package and straight into your mouth. Along with being downright tasty, it boasts all the nutritional benefits of traditional beef jerky. High in protein and packed with energy, it can keep you going throughout the day.


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