Crispy Fork With Roasted Sesame & Seaweed


Experience the unique blending of land and sea in our atypical tropical combination of sesame and seaweed. A daring take-on our original Crispy Pork Floss, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find how well this partnership really works!

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The Crispy Pork Floss with Roasted Sesame and Seaweed may seem like an unlikely mix, but it is a flavour that is sure to please. Whether on the land or in the sea, you can have the same texture that you love in pork floss, but with a bold new taste that keeps things fresh and exciting. Both sesame and seaweed are unique and satisfying on their own, so it makes sense that these qualities are magnified when enjoyed together. Just like all of our other top-notch products, we start with only the best Australian raised pork in our quest to create the quality pork floss we all know and love.




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